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 avacs live chat (by HADI-JOON)

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PostSubject: avacs live chat (by HADI-JOON)   avacs live chat (by HADI-JOON) Icon_minitimeSun Jun 27, 2010 10:44 pm

HI IM HADI-JOON flower flower santa santa lol!
About Live chat: This Application is for Chatting in free and lovely this application you are able to have own rooms
,sending pictures or files , have private rooms and also have money there!I will going to introduce all of Avacs Live Chat parts
and options.
How to use?:First you should Download Avacs live chat on your phone to chat ,or if you are useing PC
you should go to and connect to server one or two for chat. you need internet connection on your phone so
check your internet setting before come to chat.
How to make Id (Register):(For PC version we will tell it later)When you download Avacs or install it from your Pc on your
mobile phone, you will see a menu for first time which it has
At this time you should press Connect to connecting on server, then you see a new page with two parts
(If you are not new user you should time your corrent nick and password).You are free for make nick and password and it
supports every Symbols if you are going to use as nick you password.
If you are not new When you enter Nick and password you see no errors but If you are new and if you are useing this
application for first time,you will see an error which asks you:Are you new and it has 2 bottoms
1.yes,i'm new
(If you are not new user, if you see this error you should know that you use wrong nick)after you prees "yes, I ' m new",
your nick will be make and you will see a gold message which explains you about questionary menu rules
(we will explain in next parts).
How to chat?:when you come to chat you are in a chat Room which Administrator choosed it before for new users.
you can go to other rooms from press 4\chat rooms\.(we will Explain completly in next parts).
for type your message press # key or press Call bottom(green bottom)and type your messages,
also you can type a private message to a user
who you like to contact in private by press 6 key on that users nick and choose private message.
4 Key menu:when you press 4 key or left bottom,you will see a menu in top of your mobile Screen
2.Chat rooms
5.Purse And Service
Questionnaire:in this menu you can set your profile,add picture and...
you will see
5.Family Status
9.Invited by
12.Record Type
In Part 1 and 2 you can change you nick and password after you registerd
In part 3 you see your Id number which is used when you lostyour nick,also you can see it in your id information.
in part 4 you can set that are you male or female
in part 5 you can marry with a girl which you added in your contact book(i will explain it in next parts)
in part 6 you can set new pictures for your profile,when you press that you will see
1.View(if you add it before)
2.Delete(If you add it Before)
3.Make Photo which you can use your mobile camera to take a picture
4.add from file which you can add a picture from your phone memory
5.useing browser E-mail
In part 7 (E-mail) you can add your E-mail address for necessery works like when you forget your password it
will send to your E-mail.
in part 8 you can select Avater which they are kind of small pictures that you can add next to your nick
when you are chating (if you become Moderator,it will replace with Crown)
in part 9 you can type the nick of the user who invites you to chat
in part 10 you can select your country that you live
in part 11 you can type your City
part 12 is not nessery parts
in part 3 you have more options to add for your profile
1.First name
2.Last name
4.zodiac sign
5.chinese sign
6.about you self
in part one you can add your real name
in part 2 you can add your last name
in part three you can set your birthday date
in part 4 and 5 it shows your birthday date in diffrent signs
in part 6 you can add what you want that tell other users about your self
Chat Rooms:In this menu you can go to other chat rooms and it has diffrent parts
1.10 top chat rooms which has the most votes
2.By Countries and Communities
6.Where I am owner
In part one theses 10 rooms are in the main menu (Chat rooms),you can make your room as these ten top rooms
When you vote it to much.
in part 2 there are those rooms which made by Administrator For only country or communities and most of users prefer
to chat there.
in part 3 there are rooms which is made by user and can manage it or if that user is creator,can change the owner
and also owner can add or delete moderator or if see any bad actions from other users set them in Read only this
room users can go without invitation.when you open this part you will see these rooms and there is 2 bottom
when you press menu you will see new page which has
1.create public room page
3.Add to from Favourities
4.filter by language
5.filter by name
6.Info About room
in first part you can make your own public room
in part 2 you can go to other pages of public rooms
in part 3 you can add that room which your pointer were on it can add as your favourite room
in part 4 you can search public rooms by languages which is use in chat
in part 5 you can type the name of the room which is you are searching
in part 6 when you press on it you will see a new page which is some informations about that room
your pointer were on it
In this page it has 2 bottoms
in part one you can open it and see the manegment of room like statics
2.list of moderators
3.add moderator(if you are owner)
4.Read only mode
5.Change owner(If you are owner)
In part 2 (vote) you can add vote to increase your room rates and one vote increase 10 points for your room
In part 4 (private) has same options like public or ...but the only diffrents is that in this kind of room owner or
the user who has invited before can invite other to come,otherwise no one can come.
in part 4 (favourite) there are the rooms which you add them in your favourite list
in part 5 (where i am owner) shows you where is your own rooms and when you come to that part and when you press
menu,you will see new option(ONLY HERE) is rename room,it takes you 0.15$ for rename and it will be show in newsline
(Blue,yellow,dark blue,blue,dark green lines which goes on top of mobile lcd is called Newsline)with dark green
color which tells other that Room X renamed to room Y.

community:when you enter in this menu you will see
1.About community
2.Invite Friend
3.This Week best photo
4.Last week best photo book
6.ignore list
7.incoming messages
8.out coming messages
9.incoming files
10.invitation to rooms
Part one show you how many female or male are in chat and how many users are online
in part 2 you can send and E-mail from this application just only type your friend E-mail
in part three and four you can see result of photo votong which photos has most votes,the owner of that profile
wins 10$
in part 5 you can see the users you've add to contact book(I will explain how to add users in next parts)
in part 6 you can see the guys which you ignored,when you ignore some one,that guy can send you no message or no files.
(i will Explain how to ignore some one in next parts)
in part 7 you can see messages that users sent to you(when some one send you message automaticly shows you first after
that you can close it and if you want to read the message again come to incoming messages)
in part 8 you can see messages which you sent to other users.
in part 9 you can see the file that users sent to you,you can easily save it on your Phone.
Search:when you open this menu you can search the users who you are looking for,you will see

Purse And Service:In this menu you Can Control the money or purse that you got you can see
1.Amountin purse
2.Add to purse
4.purse history
5.add news advertisement
8.roulette for room
10.Me is super-moderator
11.Invisibility Mode
in part 1 you can see how much money do you have
in part 2 you can add to your amount via SMS or web (for so countries are not available)
in part 3 you can see the list of users who sells Purse (all of them are Super moderators)
in part 4 you can make news lines (explained in last parts)which just can be seen for one color is blue
in part 5 you can make yellow newslines which shows for 24hours on top of the screen
in part 7 you can play and increase your this game a user who bet the most purse from others wins the hole purse
in part 8 you there is another game for increase your purse,this game has 4 parts one of them is
Even,Odd,Dozen,Enter number between 0,36,you should think what number is that in each turn for example you select Even
and you bet 1$,if the number for example comes 16,yoou will win 2$ but if another number comes like 17,game will get that
1$ which you dozen has 3 parts
1.between 1,12
2.between 13,24
3.between 25.36
in these parts for example if you select the between 1,12 and you bet 5$,if you win it will gives you 15$ but if you loose
game will get your purse.
and the last part is you should add a number (JUST ONE NUMBER) and bet for example 1$,if you win,it will give you 36$ but if
you loose,game will get the purse.
in part 9 (vote for room) you can vote the room which now you are there and you can increase it rates.
In part 10 you can vote to your self to become Super Moderator (super moderators are the guys who has crown or better
say who is moderator in all the chat and have the power of add or delete moderators and set readonly or withdraw is called
Super moderators which the name of them are in the list which i explain in next parts)4 top users who votes higher will
become as Super moderator.the first guy will be SM for one month,the second guy will be SM for three weeks,the third guy
will be SM for 2 weeks and the last one will be Sm for 1 week.
In part 11 (invisibility mode) You can pay 0.50$ to be offline mode for one hour,i mean when you active this option in fact
you are online but other users see your status as Offline and you can go every where but no one see you(I think thats cool)
in part 12 you can see 3 options
2.Bonusolizator fund
3.Bonusolizator,last hour
in first part you can see users votes for Sm and you can vote your self to get higher.
in part 2 you can see the total bets which users added in Bonusolizator but you can't see who bets how much.
(you can pay attention to newslines when a green newslines comes and tell who bets howmuch.)
in part three you can see the result of last hour Bonusolizator and see who wins and also the bets for last hour.
Setting:in this part you will see these actions
1.Accept private messages format size
4.color in chat background
6.Chat poll transfered
8.change user
in this page you see 2 bottoms one of them is ok and the other is main menu which shows you the first menu you saw for first time
also for see that you can press * key.
the first part you can select that the guys just allows to message you in private who are in you contact book or accept all
messages from all users.
in part 2 you can set the format of photo viewings and the better format is PNG couse it will goes cheap for you
in part 3 you can set photo size of viewning and the best size is 60%.
in part 4 you can set your pm colores in chat you can select each color you like but chat doesnt support white because no one
can read your messages in rooms.
in part 5 you can select your chat background which you like
in part 6 you can select how many times chat automaticaly refresh your page(you can select 0 (ZEro)to refresh it by your self)
in part 7 you can see the date transfered in kb
in part 8 you can logging off from your nick and after your confirmation you will see the page which has two parts
nick and password(remember to geting offline it's not necessery to logging off just press * key and exit will sets you offline
and for next time you don't enter yur nick and password)

Help:when you open this you will see this options
1.Smiley list
4.message to admin
5.password restore
6.our games and products
in part 1 you can see the codes of smiley pictures to add on chat for example the code od sad is Sad or :-( when you put it in private or
chat rooms yu will see a sad smiley picture
in the second part is help but it's not availble (you can ask Super moderators or Hyper moderators your questions)
in part 3 you can see the users who are Super moderators,they can help you in chat also hyper moderators can helps you
(hypermoderators are higher than Super moderators and they name aren't in Sm list and admin always accept what they say so
watch out!)
in part 4 you can send a message to admin but cause of admin is always busy you can tell Supermoderators or Hypr moderators for
tell admin.
in part 5 you can restore your nick which you lost,it costs you 1$ and it will asks you the first model phones you used and
id number and the nick and the last password.]
in the last part shows you other Avacs company products.

I have to explain you another menu which is most usefull,this menu is in chat and you should just press 6 key or the right key
from your will see these parts
1.private message
2.add to contact book
3.send photo from camera
4.send file
6.view photo
9.Set read only (if you are moderator)
10.Turn on/off anti flood(if you are moderator)
11.About room
12.message to chat to chat
in part one you can send the private message to the user you want
in part 2 you can add that user to your contack book
in part 3 you can send a picture from your camera to that user
in part 4 you can send any file from your phone to the other user
in part 5 you can see the information of that user and you can add that user to ignore list from that page
in part 6 you can see the user profile photo but if there is no photo it tells you there is nothing
in part 7 you can see the rating of that user which shows you how many messages did that user sent in private or in the room
the ratings are starts from novic (0-50) amateur (51-500) Company keeper (501-2000) Hunter (2001-5000) Veteran (5001-25000)
Elder (25001-100000) Chat long's liver (100001-300000) Neo (300001-....) and the elder to neo are so much old users and they
knows everything from chat.
in part 8 you can see the status of that user which is online or ofline
in part 9 you can set bad users in read only mode (remember:you can not make moderators in read only mode only to delete
their crowns and set them in read only if you are owner of that room)
in part 10 you can set antiflood on for users who are try to insult or do any bad actions in room(who has rate under 50)also
you can set them in read only mode if they are higher than 5o.
in part 11 you can see the room properties(which explained in public and private roooms)
in part 12 you can add message to room and the easiest way is press # key to chat
in part 3 you can add files,pictures and long texts(the files should be under 500kbs)
in Chat rooms menu you can see 2 bottoms and one of them is who are in room and you can see who is in room and open their profile informations

NOW i have to explain the users profie information:in this page you can see these options
1.Private message
2.invite to room'where are you there now'
3.add to contact book\delete from contact book
4.send photo from camera
5.send files
6.transfer from purse
8.View photo/no photo
11."that user nick"-Super moderator
in this page you see two new options one of them is transfer from purse which you can send purse from your self to that user
and the last part is that you can vote to that guy to become SM.


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avacs live chat (by HADI-JOON)
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