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 twinr4ng3 and twinr4ng2 he need to make a acc =D

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twinr4ng3 and twinr4ng2 he need to make a acc =D Empty
PostSubject: twinr4ng3 and twinr4ng2 he need to make a acc =D   twinr4ng3 and twinr4ng2 he need to make a acc =D Icon_minitimeSun Feb 17, 2008 10:39 pm

1. Runescape Username:twinr4ng3

2. F2p or P2p:f2p

3. Combat lvl:60

4. Attack lvl:40

5. Strength lvl:38 lolz Sleep

6. Defence lvl:40

7. Range lvl: 65

8. Magic lvl:53

9. Hitpoints lvl:56

10. Prayer lvl:36

11. Which guy u hated most?(maybe golden pkerz will hunt for you):all ppl who bs =S

13. How did you discover GPZ?(If it was a person, please state their name):we where team and u get bigger bigger and bigger thad whas so cool afro

14. Age: under 10 / 10-13 / 13-16 / 17-25 / 26 Male/Female:13-16 female

15. Current time zone (GPZ is EST-based but also helpping GMT):12 ours

16. Do you believe you're a good pker? If so, briefly explain why:ya, manny experients

17. Describe how to do a DD [and the best method to get in one:minimap


19. Explain why you think spamming "GPZ" [Enemy's name]" at a war/pk trip is important:it's help pile

20. What is GPZ's rules #6 and #1:1 . Multi-clanning results in a auto-kick, banned , no questions asked.6 . At pk trips & wars, everyone MUST spam who you're attacking! This is vital to winning wars so your fellow GPZ members know who to attack eliminating opponents much more faster and efficiently.
Example: " GPZ [Enemy's Name] <-------(THIS RULES IS IMPORTANT)!

21. Do you promise to follow all the rules , stay active, and loyal to The Golden Pkerz?:i do king

[b]22. Why do you wish to join GPZ (Explain in 10 Words Minimum):...........

[b]23. If you've been in any previous clans, please list them here and explain why you left:i don't understand

BYE twinr4ng3
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twinr4ng3 and twinr4ng2 he need to make a acc =D
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