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 How to Find Gpz Clan chat(HELP)

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C e o of gpz
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C e o of gpz

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How to Find Gpz Clan chat(HELP) Empty
PostSubject: How to Find Gpz Clan chat(HELP)   How to Find Gpz Clan chat(HELP) Icon_minitimeFri Feb 15, 2008 11:58 pm

If u guys wanna have fun with some golden pkerz memebers please do so and u guys can meet up each other even the leaders is not around.So where to find Gpz clan? Neutral

(question finding gpz)
1.You Gotta ADD This user in runescape(C E O OF GPZ) or(Archa of Gpz) or (D tank D) or (i Kuzil i)Suspect

2.Go to (C E O OF GPZ) runescape clan chat(this is the main chat for Golden pkerz).

2.If u see no one in the chat go to this golden pkerz forums homepage chat and asked.

3.But if u see no one in Golden pkerz forums chat then u have to wait for C e o of gpz to log in

4.Once C e o of gpz Logged in.....YOU MUST GO TO RUNESCAPE CLAN CHAT(Chat name:C e o of gpz)

5.100% i can ensure u that once Ceo logged in there will be Gpz memebers in the runescape clan chat.

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How to Find Gpz Clan chat(HELP)
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